Bahá’í Introduction

April 14, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

…and every Tuesday at 6:00 PM

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Tuesday firesides will be open discussions focused on the principles,
teachings and history of the Bahá’í Faith, including but not limited to:

The basic Principles of the Faith:

The independent investigation of truth
The elimination of prejudice
The equality of women and men
The harmony of science and religion
The oneness of religion
The oneness of God
Establishing social and economic justice
The need for universal education
Establishing World peace

The History of the Bahá’í Faith

When was the Faith established?
Who are the primary figures in Bahá’í history?
What are some of the important events from Bahá’í history?

Practices and Practical Matters

Prayer, community life, social projects, etc.
Holidays, the Bahá’í calendar, etc.
How the Faith relates to other religions.
How do people become Bahá’ís.

Your Questions

Any questions you have.

Please join us this Tuesday!
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