Responding to COVID-19: Bahá’ís around the world take action

The following content is from © 2020 Bahá’í International Community (Artwork by an artist in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Bahá’í communities around the world have been responding to the global health crisis. Below are examples of how Bahá’ís are taking action:


Looking beyond the health crisis in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

ERBIL, Iraq    |    May 3, 2020
Social actors examine how the expression of spiritual principles bringing people together now can be sustained and strengthened well into the future.

Community banks in Nicaragua take early precautions

MANAGUA, Nicaragua    |    May 1, 2020
Baha’i-inspired program draws on experience and sound principles in response to global health crisis.

Working through crisis fosters greater societal unity in Kazakhstan

NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan    |    April 25, 2020
Segments of society in Kazakhstan explore together how setting aside differences to battle the current health crisis has strengthened social cohesion in the country.

Community of English learners support one another during health crisis

VANCOUVER, Canada    |    April 22, 2020
Friendships built through the English Corner program in Vancouver, Canada, become source of support in difficult times.

Networks in the Congo keep thousands informed and inspired

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic Of The Congo    |    April 18, 2020
Baha’is draw on community ties to provide accurate information and advice, inspiring solidarity and hope in facing the health crisis.

Youth move to forefront of grassroots response throughout the US

CHICAGO    |    April 15, 2020
Youth in the US are drawing on experiences and support structures developed through community-building initiatives to serve their society at this difficult time.

Providing food security in the face of a global health crisis

PORT VILA, Vanuatu    |    April 13, 2020
Various communities around the world are preparing to provide for food security, drawing on capacities developed through the Preparation for Social Action program.

Local Assemblies, individuals, and communities in India respond in unison

NEW DELHI, India    |    April 10, 2020
In communities throughout the country, reservoirs of energy are being channeled into actions that aim to allay the suffering caused by the current global health crisis.

Youth in Sierra Leone produce film to protect community against coronavirus

MAKENI, Sierra Leone    |    April 9, 2020
Youth use music and drama to create a film that helps educate their community about preventing the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Australian Prime Minister expresses gratitude to Baha’i community

SYDNEY    |    April 8, 2020
Message from the Prime Minister acknowledges the contributions of the Bahá’í community to Australian society and highlights the importance of faith in a time of crisis.

Faith groups in Tunisia call for harmony between science and religion

TUNIS, Tunisia    |    April 6, 2020
In a message to the people of their country, the Bahá’í community, other faith groups, and social actors draw attention to the significance of science and religion.

Radio broadcasts in Uganda comfort and inspire amidst crisis

KIYUNGA, Uganda    |    April 4, 2020
As public health measures restrict gatherings for worship, Ugandan Bahá’ís find creative ways to promote prayer on radio and other means of mass communication.

Youth in Italy create media to inspire vision of a better world

MANTUA, Italy    |    April 2, 2020
At a time of great uncertainty in their country, young Italians are seizing the opportunity to explore issues of profound import through media.

Village members prepared weeks in advance to protect their community

BAŠELJ, Slovenia    |    March 31, 2020
Bahá’ís in a Slovenian village have been part of efforts to prepare for and mitigate the effects of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Children in Luxembourg send love and encouragement to healthcare professionals

ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE, Luxembourg    |    March 30, 2020
Participants in educational activities of the Baha’i community send messages of appreciation to healthcare professionals dealing with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Youth group distributes food, gains city and National Guard support

NEW ROCHELLE, New York    |    March 27, 2020
Youth in a suburb of New York City engaged in initiatives of the Baha’i community aimed at social progress adapt quickly to address challenges caused by school closures.

Rising to the occasion in a global crisis

SYDNEY    |    March 25, 2020
Baha’i communities across the world respond quickly and constructively to the challenging circumstances caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Naw-Ruz around the world brings hope and spiritual renewal

KUWAIT CITY    |    March 20, 2020
Baha’i communities around the world are celebrating the new year by strengthening bonds of friendship and conveying a message of hope.

Hope and support in Italy during a global health crisis

MANTUA, Italy    |    March 13, 2020
Patterns of activity developed in Baha’i communities around the world have equipped them to respond to the crisis with hope and to be of service to their societies