Why Me? by Justice St. Rain

A Spiritual Guide to Growing Through Tests — Life Lessons Gleaned from the Teachings of the Bahá’í Faith

Justice St. Rain’s short (104 pages) but compelling volume explores the meaning of difficulties encountered in life from the Bahá’í perspective. He makes rich use of the Writings, but also provides examples, analogies, and helpful analysis to assist in understanding. The book is well-organized, presenting topics in logical order, and provides a variety of possible views for the interpretation of tests and difficulties for individuals as well as for humanity in general. The tone is overwhelmingly positive, even when dealing with subjects such as grief, anger, and sadness. Why Me? can be a quick read, but it provides long-lasting food for thought and is an excellent book for deepening, individually or in a group.

From the book:

My hope is that understanding tests will help you in two important ways. First, it will help you get out of the middle so you can squeeze all of the growth possible out of every test. Awareness can turn any test—even one you failed ten years ago—into a current success. Understanding where tests come from and what we can learn from them, gives us more control over them. It allows us to take responsibility for those things we can control, and leave to God those things we can’t. Second, and most important, I hope that understanding the many different sources of tests helps lessen the fear, guilt, shame, anger, resentment and sadness that often accompany our trials. When we face a difficult situation, we need to be able to think clearly and creatively. If half of our mental energy is going into resisting our shame, hiding our sadness or controlling our anger, then it is not available for seeking solutions. If we succeed in thinking of difficulties as gifts, then we can approach them with joy and prayer. Armed with these weapons, at least half the battle is already won!

(pg 50)

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