Adult Study Circles

Baha’i Study Circles provide participants with knowledge, spiritual enlightenment and practical skills to help enhance one’s capacity to contribute to the betterment of society. The study material frequently used is a formalized course, developed by the Ruhi Institute, of which contents are based on Baha’i writings and religious beliefs.

There are currently eight books available for study, usually in sequence, under the guidance of an experienced Baha’i Tutor. Books are available in the Center’s Book Store or Library. The role of the tutor is to facilitate the group and share discussion as an equal member rather than as an authority. Other types of study groups may be formed for a special purpose, such as to study a particular subject, read a Baha’i book together or to understand a Baha’i practice, i.e. marriage, funeral and burial procedures.

Some topics of study include:

  • Reflections on the Life of the Spirit
  • Arising to Serve
  • Walking Together in the Path of God
  • Circles of Unity
  • This Day of God
  • Working towards enhancing the well-being of humanity
  • If you are interested in learning more about study circles, please contact us or call (734) 528-1919.