The Lost History Series – Joy and David Earl in Lansing, MI (1938-1942)

October 12, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Baha'i Center of Washtenaw County
5550 Morgan Rd.
MI 48197
(734) 528-1919

The Lost History Series – Joy and David Earl in Lansing, MI (1938-1942)

A presentation by Burton Smith

In 1938, Joy and David Earl began their lifetime of Service to the world, and teaching the Baha’i Message of the Oneness of Humanity in — of all places — Lansing, MI. The above photo is 1234 Kingsley Court — their first residence.

Lansing native Burton Smith retraces this period where Joy and David Earl began promoting the Baha’i Cause, highlighting those places of work and worship where they spoke and performed in Lansing from 1938-42. The record also lists and shows photos of the Earls three different residences in Lansing during this time.

Finally, Smith connects the earliest messages of Joy and David Earl in Lansing to their final Teaching days together in Japan years later after Pioneering and serving the Baha’i Cause around the world. He highlights Joy Earl’s last letter to a Baha’i in Ann Arbor, and will show seldom seen and recently obtained photos from the Earl Family Collection.

The Message of a New Day of God for all Humankind, was the life’s work for both Joy and David Earl. Though both are interred just north of Ann Arbor, side by side, their earliest seeds were sown in Lansing. One gift remains there — “A Trust From Thee.”